Eng. Amit Elbaz – M.Sc
Founder and CEO

Biotech and environmental engineer, with cross functional expertise in biotech engineering and entrepreneurship. With more than 10 years of management and leading experience. Prior to joining Life Matters, Amit was the general manager and director at “Ganey Tal” agricultural union, a producer and R&D agriculture company in south district, Israel (annual budget of 10 million NIS, 40 employees). Prior to joining “Ganey Tal” Amit was the CEO of “BioSense detectors”, a start-up company which developed a delicate “real-time” biosensor to detect pollutions in waters, prior to founding “Biosense detectors” Amit was the Vice-chairman of the student association at Ben Gurion University (annual budget of 3 million NIS, 25 employees). Amit is a skillful entrepreneur with the talent to makes things happens. Amit has 3 scientific publications.